Sunday, July 9, 2017

HP Spectre 13 Loud Fans and Gets Really Hot - How to Fix

The HP spectre is a great laptop but it does have its flaws, out of the box it has really loud fans that feel almost constant and it gets really hot... for no reason. Yes, once you follow the instructions the heat subsides and the fans hardly come on! It makes this laptop one of the best I have ever used! 

NOTE - Make sure you have time and your charger handy. Make sure to plug it up before you attempt the following! This is a BIOS update provided by HP.

I have the HP Spectre 2017 edition but this will work for the 2016 edition as well. First go to this website - Official HP Website - the site should look like this:

Go ahead and click on the 'Download Now' button. It will download this file:

Go ahead and open the file and it should automatically run otherwise click yes to run the file. This should appear:

Go ahead and click next:

Click 'I accept the terms in the license agreement' and click next:

The file should start to install, once done click next. Continue the installation process making sure YOUR DEVICE IS PLUGGED IN, if you do not plug it in and it dies, it may damage the software. You computer will ask to restart or automatically restart. This will take some time and your laptop will automatically restart when it is finished installing. NOTE - Your laptop WILL be loud during this process, the fans will kick on full blast! After the install your device will still be loud for a while until it cools down, find a place to set your laptop such as a table or desk because it will get hot due to the 100% CPU usage during this install.

Once the install is finished you are ready for the last step! Go to your search bar and search 'HP Cool Control'. 

Make sure it is off! Once done you can restart your device once more. Once this is finished and the laptop has fully cooled down (this may take some time) the fans will be noticeably quieter and it should be cooler to the touch as well. 

NOTE - Depending on what you use your laptop for the fans will kick on no matter what if you are a very heavy user but I do moderate - heavy use and it is very quiet now and MUCH cooler.

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