Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lolita Spyder 87 key keyboard by Noppoo Testing and First Impressions!

I recently received the Lolita Spyder 87 key keyboard from Noppoo and here are some of my thoughts on it. 


Overall I like the looks of the keyboard, it feels solid. I like the top plate of the keyboard, it reminds me of a silver version of the Corsair K65 RGB except it is not brushed aluminum and there are no back-lights. The keyboard is a 10 keyless keyboard meaning there is no number pad on the right hand side, but I prefer not having one. It saves a lot of space on my desk and I would rather use the space for other things, like my Han Solo [Snow Gear] pop figure from LootCrate. The keyboard comes with good enough keycaps on it but I prefer my new Rosewill caps I received (review coming soon I will replace this text when it is up!) The cable is non-removable and is not braided but it has three slots where it can be routed. It can be routed to the center, left, and right. The USB is gold plated, not really a plus because it offers no benefit nor does any other gold plated USB on the market, but I thought I just needed to mention that. This exact keyboard does not offer backlighting but they do offer this keyboard with it for an additional cost.

It does come with function keys, the function key is my right windows key. Here is a list of all of the keys taken from the amazon product page:
- Fn+F1: Previous track 
- Fn+F2: Play/Pause 
- Fn+F3: Next track 
- Fn+F4: Stop 
- Fn+F5: Mute 
- Fn+F6: Volume Down 
- Fn+F7: Volume Up 
- Fn+F8: NKey (Switch the 6KRO compatible with Mac) 

I only have one major complaint with the looks of the keyboard, Lolita Spyder by Noppoo is written above the arrow keys, in bold. As you can see to the left it is very noticeable from quite a distance away. I was uninformed with the term Lolita since I have not read many classic books (yes it is considered a classic) so I thought nothing of it. I was reading an Amazon review of it and I googled it because some one said it was an inappropriate term, and it is. The term is coined from the book "Lolita Novel by Vladimir Nabokov", you can look up the meaning for yourself if you would like.

Keys and Switches

This keyboard uses Kailh switches, not Cherry MX switches. They are however compatible when purchasing keycaps, so any keycaps you find that are standard size and for Cherry MX switches will work fine.

This keyboard comes in red, blue, and brown Kailh switches. I chose the browns because the reds are lacking a tactile bump, the blues are too loud for long typing sessions but good for gaming, so the browns were an obvious choice. They offer the tactile bump I prefer and there is no click, there still is noise but that can be fixed with some sound dampener rings, I will not purchase them because the noise does not bother me and I like the sound to a degree. Make sure to do your homework on the types of keys you prefer before purchasing, I made the mistake of buying red MX switches and hated them. Check out this video to learn more - switches video. (Actual color of my keycaps.)

The keycaps that come on this keyboard are fine, they are standard black keycaps. With the stock keycaps I could type from 42 WPM average. I purchased some keycaps from Rosewill that are yellow with white writing, to help out with the no backlight situation. The keys from Rosewill increased my typing speed to 56 WPM average. My typing speed on my Corsair K65 RGB is around 33 WPM and on my Razer Ultimate Edition 2013 it is about 44 WPM (accuracy on all is above 92%).

Kailh switches debunked

Kailh switches are clones of Cherry MX switches, they are made in china and cost less to make, so lower end keyboards are going to primarily use them. Many company's use them but do not make it known, I am looking at you Razer. Yes, Razer uses Kailh switches but does not tell you, they claim them as their own. If a company that large can use these switches and has enough trust in them to claim them, they must be pretty good switches. I like them enough to say I actually prefer them over Cherry MX switches. They are a little harder to press than Cherry switches but I actually like that, I know I am pushing a key and it is harder to mistype. All in all, they are just as good as other switches but they are made in China.

Final Thoughts

Conclusion time, Overall this is a great keyboard! It has strong rubber feet that keep it firm to the table, the keys are well made, and it is overall a good keyboard for $64.99!

Amazon List
Brown Switches
Red Switches
Brown Switches RGB (lights not changeable)
Rosewill Keycaps

I only listed ones that are available, however, click on the amazon list link to check; it may be in stock now!

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