Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to get rid of the Get Windows 10 Icon

Everyone has seen the "Get Windows 10" Icon (Click here if you do not see the "Get Windows 10" icon) and it is great until you put your email in and you realize its not going away any time soon. It always bugs me if there is extra 'things' on my taskbar whether it be on PC, MAC, or Linux. The Get Windows 10 icon falls under 'junk' to me so it must be hidden.
Here is how to hide it. This one is easy, I promise.

1. Click on the arrow, if you hover over it the label will be "Show hidden icons," then click on "customize".

2. Find the one that says GWX (Get Windows 10) then change it to hide icon and notifications.

Now the icon will be hidden off of the task bar! 

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