Saturday, June 6, 2015

What makes people want Apple devices and what makes Apple so special

 The question has been debated for some time now, what sets Apple apart from everyone else. If I asked you what this laptop is what would you tell me?

Most of you would scratch your head in confusion. It is the Chromebook Pixel distributed from Google. You can find out more about the Chromebook Pixel here! Now, what about this one?

It is obviously a Macbook. Everyone knows about it, has heard about it, or has one. So what makes them stand apart from all the rest of the competition? The Chromebook Pixel comes in at about the same price, similar specs, similar weight, and both are milled similarly. Why does no one know about the Pixel? There is one simple answer, Marketing!

Now what makes apple special and sets them apart from other companies that produce similar products? Here is the answer, NOTHING! Not a single thing is different about apple products (other than the OS) than any other product.
Apple is good at two things:
    1. Marketing
    2. Making you feel like you need their product
Apple products are overpriced and overrated. I own an iPhone 6 and a Mac Mini. I have been drawn into the Apple hype as well. There is nothing special about Apple, they sell the same junk as everyone else. The only thing they do different is slap an apple logo on it along with a $1000+ price tag. I will leave you all with a video, quite an entertaining video I must say.

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