Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to defrag a hard drive the easy way

Defragging a hard drive is easy and can speed up your computer in some cases. Lets get started!

        1. Click on file explorer. If you are running Windows 7 click on "Computer" or on windows 8 and 8.1 click on "This PC" after you have opened file explorer.

        2. Right click your Windows (C:) drive and choose properties.

        3. Once that has popped up click on the "Tools" tab.

        4. Now click on the "Optimize button.

        5. Click on the drive you want to defrag. In my case it is the Windows (C:) because it is my only drive.  NOTE: It is not worth the time nor wise to defrag the recovery partition.

        6. Once it is done analyzing click on Optimize if the drive is fragmented. NOTE: It will do several passes which will slow your computer down while the drive is being defragmented. This may take some time if the drive has never been defragged.

    That's it! You have now successfully defragged your hard drive. If this helped be sure to leave a +1 before you go!

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